Why us

Truly Cardano Enthusiasts

Although late comers to Cardano, we truly want to contribute to its mass-adoption. By staking with us, you will back an independent family owned pool and thus decentralization of the network.

Absolutely Free of Charge

We aim at offering the highest return on stakes for our delegators. However, we are still a small pool and therefore, all fees will be refunded. Staking with Icarus Pool will be absolutely free in 2021.

Afterwards, fixed fees will be at the minimum set by the protocol, 340 ADA per epoch and margin at only 1%.

Robust and Safe Infrastructure

To maximize rewards, stake pools should be able to mint blocks at any time. Furthermore, they should be integrated to the network to propagate blocks and make them validated.

Our pool is hosted on AWS to benefit from its first-class security and reliability. We are also proud member of several pool associations. As a result, Icarus Pool minted its first block just three epochs after launch and achieved a return of more than 200%.

Independent and Seasoned Team

We are a family cumulating decades of experience in IT, marketing and finance.

We are French and based in Paris – that’s perhaps why there are images of Paris all over the site.

Marketing Wizard
The Good
Marketing Wizard

Everything she touches is magic or malefic. Read at your own risk.

IT expert
The Bad
IT Genius

He can secure anything and automate everything.

Finance master
The Ugly
Finance Master

DON'T trust him. You would end up being rich.