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Your Free, Independant and Reliable Stake Pool on Cardano

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Absolutely Free Policy

In 2021, staking with us will be absolutely free of charge and commission

Reliable Infrastructure

First block minted in just 2 weeks with a RoS of more than 200%

Independent Team

Crypto-enthusiast family with decades of experience in IT, marketing and finance

Fully Integrated in Cardano Community

Proud member of SPO associations

Why Stake with Icarus Pool ?

Our objective is to offer our delegators the highest possible return on stakes.


First of all, staking with Icarus Pool will be absolutely free in 2021 as fees will be reimbursed to all delegators. After 2021, fixed fees will be set at 340 ADA per epoch, the minimum set by the protocol and margin at only 1%.


Furthermore, our reliable infrastructure maximizes the number of minted blocks and thus, rewards. As a result, Icarus Pool created its first block only three epochs after going live and achieved a return of more than 200%.


We are a crypto-enthusiast family willing to contribute to Cardano growth. By staking with a independent family-owned pool, you will support decentralisation of the network. You will also back our actions to democratize cryptocurrency like ADA.

How to stake with Icarus Pool?

To stake your ADA, you need first to hold them in a wallet. Then, delegate to our pool with either our pool name or ticker.


Pool name

Icarus Pool



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